Sustainable Energy Video

Sustainable Energy Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what would a video be worth? Here are a selection of videos you can enjoy which are related to sustainable energy.

Beyond Zero Emissions Part 1

Matthew Wright presents the case for adopting a policy of ZERO Emissions, and outlines various strategies used to achieve this. This first video covers BZE and Australia's emissions in a Global context

Beyond Zero Emissions Part 2

The latest Global Warming science and why we need to adopt a zero (or below) carbon emissions growth factor.

Beyond Zero Emissions Part 3

Community campaigns and and an indroduction of the 'carbon cycle'

Beyond Zero Emissions Part 4

The 'All sector' approach and a summary of 24 hour baseload Solar Thermal in Spain and the US

Beyond Zero Emissions Part 5

Australian Solar Technology - we have the means to power Australia and the world.

Beyond Zero Emissions Part 6

Solar in Australia and 100% renewable electric cars and rail, comparing current Local technology with whats being done elsewhere.

Beyond Zero Emissions Part 7

Urban planning, zero carbon houses, Indian Solar Industrial steam and the oldest method of carbon capture - biochar

Climate Change Video

The Scientific Debate - Part 1

A basic look at how climate scientists infer that man-made carbon gases are changing the climate, and how this view is contradicted by other climate scientists who are skeptics. Peter Hadfield is a former science correspondent with an interest in reporting the facts, not the media hype. This series if you have time to watch it gives you an excellent science history about climate change and later on unravells some of the media swindles and twisted hype.

Climate Change - The Objections - Part 2

In this video, Peter briefly outlines alternative hypotheses put forward by real, professional climate researchers, and the findings of real, professional climate researchers who disagree with them.

The Anatomy of a Myth - Part 3

Peter had planned to put several myths in this video, but discovered such an appalling web of deceit and fabrication in this first one, he felt no choice but to thoroughly debunk it. Like many ingrained myths, this one is so ubiquitous that it takes an awful lot of hard evidence to convince true believers that it's been fabricated.

Gore Vs Durkin - Part 4

This video looks at urban myths spawned by two iconic films -- An Inconvenient Truth and The Great Global Warming Swindle. Whatever you "believe" about climate change, there is no excuse for the kind of exaggerations, fallacies and fabrications we see in films like these. Peter's aims to cut through the junk science designed to evangelize this issue, and show what the actual scientific research shows us.

Climate Change - Isn't it Natural? - Part 5

fMore urban myths about climate change are busted as I look at the Earth's climate over the last 500 million years. What causes it to change? Since carbon dioxide was much higher in the past, why do climatologists say higher CO2 now poses a problem? And of course there's the familiar myth that CO2 can't influence temperatures because the climate was much colder in the past when carbon dioxide levels were much higher.

Those Hacked Emails - Part 6

Now that the conspiracy theorists have blown off steam, it's time for a more sober analysis of those e-mails and what they mean. There are far too many to go through in this video so the focus is on the two that seem to be getting conspiracy theorists most worked up -- Phil Jones's e-mail about "Mike's Nature trick" and Kevin Trenberth's e-mail about a "travesty."

"Those" e-mails and science censorship - Part 7

Are climatologists censoring scientific journals and silencing alternative hypotheses on climate change? This is the second look at the hacked/stolen e-mails from the Climatic Research Unit in the UK.

Has the Earth been cooling? - Part 8

This video also looks at whether other planets are also warming, and an Internet myth that NASA is now attributing warming to the sun. In this video I examine the importance of sources -- tracking information back to a source and making sure the source is credible. Sources are cited in the video, but also posted on the YouTube page. Sources are also cited throughout Peter's climate change series.

Meet the Scientists - Part 9

In a response to several requests.

An imminent ice age debunked - Part 10

In 2005 the media told us we were on the brink of another ice age. What happened?